September 1, 2021 by Eric Winter, Esq.

For anyone who had any doubt of Governor’s Wolf’s moral and ethical failings as a leader, he has once again placed them on full display. The Governor is clearly an authoritarian and his latest message is that you can do whatever you want, so long as you agree with him.

This is not how the United States works, nor is it how Pennsylvania works. Pennsylvania has always been about individual rights and local control. The Pennsylvania Constitution of 1968 makes that point in several different ways.

I could go on about this, but I believe most people are looking for several pieces of information:

I. Why is this new Department of Health Order Illegal?

MIT PhD Blasts School Committee Forcing Masks On Kids In Windham, Maine

Hi, my name is Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai. I’m an MIT PhD, I have four degrees from MIT, my PhD is in a field called Biological Engineering. I’m considered one of the leading guys in the world on the Immune System. In 2019, the National Science Foundation had me deliver a lecture on the modern science of the Immune System, it’s called the Prestige Lecture.

The issue with masks to me is it’s fundamentally an issue about education. And it’s an issue about the emperor having no clothes. And I think it’s a big opportunity for the people on that side and this side of the room, young people to go back to what education was about. It was about science, it was about the scientific method. Not about scientific consensus, not about making up science as you go without evidence. That’s what you were doing. Alright…