Teach our children the truth: Our Healing Superpower is our Immune System!

Our healing superpower is our immune system; simple as that!

We can teach our children (and adults) the true reason why we get sick; a compromised immune system. How does our immune system become compromised? Poisons and toxins in the form of food, thoughts, air and other substances.

Virus = Poison

You do not get sick because of a germ. You get sick from poisons, toxins and acids in your environment. When the blood is out of balance, becoming dis-eased, the cell morphs from a perfectly oval shaped cell to an ugly looking glob. Healthy cells heal and clean up the die-eased cells. But, when the dis-eased cells grow in mass from eating , breathing and thinking negative thoughts, negative energy, toxic foods, toxic thoughts, toxic air the immune system is weakened.

When the immune system becomes weakened, the human body displays symptoms in the form of ulcers, tumors, mucus and other discharges. Clean up your terrain and you will heal! Yes, it is as simple as that!

The History and Etymology for virus

Middle English, “pus, discharge from a sore, semen,” borrowed from Latin vīrus(neuter) “venom, poisonous fluid, acrid element in a substance, secretion with medical or magical properties,” going back to an Indo-European base *u̯is-/*u̯īs-“poison, venom,” whence also Middle Irish  “venom, poison, evil,” Greek īós“poison,” Tocharian A wäs and Tocharian B wase, Sanskrit viṣáṃ, Avestan viš, viša-(also vīš?); (sense 1) borrowed from German, borrowed from Latin

(Source: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/virus)

Source: Dr. Robert O. Young (https://www.drrobertyoung.com/post/a-cry-to-humanity)

Antoine BéChamp


Otto Warburg

‘If carbon monoxide is added to the oxygen in which living cells breathe, respiration ceases, as has already been mentioned, but if exposure to ultra- violet or visible light is administered, respiration recurs.’

Source: OTTO WARBURG, The oxygen-transferring ferment of respiration Nobel Lecture, December 10, 1931 (https://www.nobelprize.org/uploads/2018/06/warburg-lecture.pdf)

Otto Warburg – Nobel Prize

On the Origin of Cancer Cells (Respiration vs. Fermentation)

Otto Warburg – On the Origin of Cancer Cells